PomPac™, PomCol™, Calots, PomSwing

  • PomPress

    15,00 INCL. VAT
    ******* OFFERED TO OUR CUSTOMERS ON FIRST ORDER ****** Anti-stress ball Useful for de-stressing the patient before the blood test. And during...
  • PomSwing

    26,80 INCL. VAT
    The PomSwing Pack consists of 2 pots and 2 Rolls (the pot, label and Roll are autoclavable). It allows you to...
  • PomPac™

    PomPac™ will ensure that our users will always get larger clots from PRF and liquid PRF with 50% more volume! 
  • PomCol™

    20,80 INCL. VAT
    For the collection of 8 or more tubes ...use the PomCol™ Principle: cool the sampler's tubing to prevent blood clotting in the...